Tuesday, January 02, 2007


I had a good haircut a few weeks ago from a guy named Vinnie and was hoping the same guy could do my hair for the wedding. I asked the salon (which is attached to the Retreat Spa where I'd scheduled a couples' massage for the day of the wedding) if that would be possible and they said they aren't open on Sundays. Drat. I wanted to cut down on driving and waiting time but keeping my services all in one place. I called Contour Day Spa and scheduled a couples' massage, hair, and makeup all in one place. Phew! I love checking off these details. Contour is generally expensive, but compared to the salon next to the wedding site and many other places I've looked into, it's very comparable. I'll get my nails done the day before. This is generally a no-no for me as I'm the first to chip my polish, but I'll have the place I like put gels on my nails and those should hold with no chipping for a week or so. I'm encouraging Dave to get a hot lather shave the day of the wedding. He never seems to be able to shave close enough and always have that kind of Barney Rubble shadow of stubble. Not that I mind, but for pictures it'd be nice if he was cleaner-shaven than his razor allows. If I'm having to pay for makeup that I could do myself just to make the pictures come out better, I think it's a trade off. Plus, I'd love to feel him that smooth. I wonder if it lasts longer than a regular shave?

My bridal shower is this coming weekend. I'm more psyched up for it than I had been previously. I appreciate the effort my mom and friends are putting into it and it should be a good time. I have no idea what to expect, so I'm going in blind, which is fine.

Eric just started planning our Jack and Jill style bachelor / bachelorette party at my favorite local bar, Sofa Kings. Should be a good time too. I like the ability to invite more people to that event and share some fun.