Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Cake and Dinners

We had the cake tasting. OMG so yummy! It'll be a 2-tier square cake (which is cake for 50) with the bottom layer in vanilla rum and the top layer either also in vanilla rum or in mojito, depending on the price. The mojito was an acquired taste - it tastes very much like the drink by the same name, with the same mild bite in the throat after swallowing, but was so much fun, so different than every other cake. The icing will be buttercream, which we both like, in white, looking very smooth, with a leaftip piping of purple along the bottom. It'll be decorated by our florist, Ben, with orchids to match our colors.

The rehearsal dinner is scheduled. My boss lives in the area near where the wedding will be and since Dave's mom hadn't gotten back to me with a place yet - she works two jobs and was finishing a side project so I'm sure she was swamped with stuff to do - I booked it at the place my boss suggested, Old Calypso. It's on the water and she raved about the food. The first place I'd had in mind - remember that I don't live around there and have never been to any of these restraunts - was 32 East and my boss said "they're too expensive! And the food isn't even that great." So okay. I just hope everyone (me too) can get off work in time to make it to the rehearsal by 5.