Friday, December 22, 2006

Still Smooth Sailing

I've been a touch concerned because I hadn't heard back from the officiant or the florist. Turns out the florist moved next door and her computers and phone were down for a week, and the officiant had the flu. Poor guy, I had that same flu a few weeks ago and it's a bad one! So everything's still smooth sailing at this point.

Tomorrow we meet with Ben to see about covering the walls. I'm hoping the price isn't hellacious or I might have to learn to live with those Warhol paintings. I guess we'll see. Ben certainly comes across as more creative than my florist so I'm excited about that as a start and wonder if I can switch florists - price depending, of course. I'm sure I'd lose my deposit, so I'll have to have the original florist do something - maybe my bouquet - to keep the cost in there reasonably.

The only matters still up in the air are: rehearsal dinner and hair and makeup.

Dave's mom is working on the rehearsal dinner. His parents have graciously offered to foot the tab for that but finding somewhere in Delray Beach that isn't over the top expensive is proving difficult. The places we have found generally don't allow kids, and we have 2 in the wedding party, so that's no good. It'll work out, I'm sure.

I found a salon in Delray Beach to do my hair and makeup but the costs were just ridiculous so I cancelled the appointments. I'm still figuring that part out. I'll have to get to work on it right after Xmas though.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Everything in Order

Everything's coming along in order for the wedding. I'm getting excited. I spoke with the officiant by phone this week. His name is Reverent Joe Rodriguez and he seemed to be nice, patient, sincere, and willing to change anything I like - even though I have no idea what I want. He had a great sense of humor and I thnk he'll be a great addition to the wedding. Reverend Rodriguez was referred to us by Seaside Weddings. They will also be providing our photographer, once we get them a deposit, which will be most likely today or tomorrow. We met the photographer, Mark, and looked at a bunch of his images. Dave liked his artistic style and Dave's the one to know these things so I left that decision to him. Mark also seemed really easy to work with and to know just what needs to be done and when, so we're comfortable hanging around with him all day. One image we saw in his sample books was puzzling to me. It was of the side of a bride's face, her forehead, cheek, earring, and a part of her hair. It was as if it was taken really close up. I said "I don't get it." Dave gave me an impatient glance. Mark explained it was "photojournalism" as if that was supposed to explain something to me. Perhaps I'll never understand, but that's fine. All I know is I don't need a big picture of the side of my face.

OH! And exciting news: we found someone to cover those hideous Andy Warhol paintings! We're meeting with Ben from Absolutely Fabulous Affairs next week. Anayda, our contact at Sundy House, said she had a bride plan her wedding in the Warhol room, and the day of her wedding, 2 hours before, she saw the paintings and had just assumed they'd be taken down. Can you imagine? Yikes! So she had been using Ben as her wedding planner and he whisked in and had them covered in no time. He must keep 200 feet of tulle in his trunk at all times. Anyhow, I'm confident it'll look great. I have no idea how much it'll cost me, but at least the pictures will be right.

We also picked out tuxes last weekend, so they guys are covered. Dave's going to look so sharp in a tux. He picked a jacket that I would not have picked for him, but looks great on. I hope everyone who has to wear them likes what we chose. Nothing girly or anything, but I want everyone happy and having a good time.

Invitations went out last week also. Every RSVP we've gotten back so far as been positive and no one has said they can't make it, so that's encouraging.

It seems, at this point, there's almost nothing left to do but decide on centerpieces and pay a bunch of bills.

Sunday, December 03, 2006


Alright, so we registered for wedding gifts. Both Dave and I agreed that with an established household, we should not register. We would rather people gift us with checks that we plan to put toward our honeymoon (which we'd like to take on our first anniversary) but our friends have insisted that we register.

So, we registered for things that are either on our list of things that need replacing around the house (towels, sheets, can opener, dishes), things that sound really cool (a massage chair), and general things that just need to get done (planters for landscaping). Do we NEED any of that stuff? No. We're set. We hope no one who is invited will feel obligated in the least to bring a gift. But if people really want to bring a gift and want some direction, we're registered.

In case you're reading this post just to see where we're registered, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Lowe's.