Friday, December 22, 2006

Still Smooth Sailing

I've been a touch concerned because I hadn't heard back from the officiant or the florist. Turns out the florist moved next door and her computers and phone were down for a week, and the officiant had the flu. Poor guy, I had that same flu a few weeks ago and it's a bad one! So everything's still smooth sailing at this point.

Tomorrow we meet with Ben to see about covering the walls. I'm hoping the price isn't hellacious or I might have to learn to live with those Warhol paintings. I guess we'll see. Ben certainly comes across as more creative than my florist so I'm excited about that as a start and wonder if I can switch florists - price depending, of course. I'm sure I'd lose my deposit, so I'll have to have the original florist do something - maybe my bouquet - to keep the cost in there reasonably.

The only matters still up in the air are: rehearsal dinner and hair and makeup.

Dave's mom is working on the rehearsal dinner. His parents have graciously offered to foot the tab for that but finding somewhere in Delray Beach that isn't over the top expensive is proving difficult. The places we have found generally don't allow kids, and we have 2 in the wedding party, so that's no good. It'll work out, I'm sure.

I found a salon in Delray Beach to do my hair and makeup but the costs were just ridiculous so I cancelled the appointments. I'm still figuring that part out. I'll have to get to work on it right after Xmas though.