Saturday, December 22, 2012

12/21 Party

Dave's actual birthday was 12/21, and the supposed end of the Mayan calendar. The party was about 4 months in the planning and totally worth it.

Things that went great:

  • Party started at 8pm and people were mostly arrived by 9pm
  • Tarot reader was fantastic, so said everyone who had a turn (I never had the time) with her dragon deck.
  • Food was excellent. Everything was themed in the Mayan flavors from shredded beef arepas to chicken fajitas to scallop ceviche. 
  • Signature drinks: Flaming Prophecy (flaming mai tai) and Virgin Sacrifice (blood orange margarita). 
  • Dave's haul was $175 in cash and gift cards.
  • There was plenty to do and there was never a "boring part," or not that I noticed.
  • The fire dancing was amazing, especially the flaming sword!
  • Greg called me "drunky" when I told him not to drive my car like a grandma. I was unable to drive, but you don't do 38 in a 45 in a Civic, c'mon.
  • Service was great by the catering staff.
  • The cake was delicious (vanilla with strawberries and chocolate with vanilla) and a conversation piece. It ran with raspberry "blood" as we sang Happy Birthday, and Dave rolled one of the fondant heads down the temple. 
  • Paul yelled at everyone to "shut the fuck up while I take this picture," because he's going to be a children's portrait photographer, obviously.
  • Everything happened more or less on time and went smoothly.
  • Most everyone invited was able to attend and it was a good crowd who mixed well together. 
  • I was $120 under budget.

Things that didn't go perfectly:

  • The original caterer I had lined up died suddenly and unexpectedly in October.
  • The playlist would not play in order and was random.
  • The outdoor tables wanted to blow over, which we fixed with rocks.
  • The bartender didn't know how to flame a drink, but learned.
  • Ran low on liquor and had to make a quick run.
  • It was cold and windy. That threw off the fire eaters and made everyone huddle inside. It also kind of killed the lantern effect in the pool as they were all blown to one section. 
  • Fireworks were supposed to last a lot longer, but got set off all at once.

Our time capsule included:

  • Team Snooki sticker
  • Box printed with angles of a girl that is an art gallery invitation inside
  • Nivea lip balm
  • Crumpled dollar bill
  • Neuticles ad - fake testicles for animals
  • Knock-off iPod Shuffle with ear buds
  • Bottle of cinnamon whiskey
  • Humping robot from Robot Chicken
  • Katsuma McDonalds toy
  • Justin Bieber CD - Felipe had to go to 3 stores to find it - that's dedication!

Thanks to everyone who came. It was a killer rock star party!

Video Playlist includes the fire dancers/eaters and fireworks.

Photos from set up to party's end. They're displaying in reverse order for some reason. Start at the end. They are unedited. I think you can right-click and take a copy from here. If you want any, just ask. If you want any of you taken down, just ask.

If you loved my services and would like to utilize them:
Cakes by Emily: 305-926-9038
Performers: DangerFun
Caterer: Chef Chris Bulgarin
Fireworks: Neptune