Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Shumma frooma humuna

As my Sims used to say (from the Playstation version) "shumma frooma humuna!" when they were frustrated. Last night I remade the seating cards in a much simpler form. I had to go to two stores to get the cards themselves as the ones I had were too big and the ones I wanted were sold out at the first store. Mind you, this is 8:30pm after working all day. The cards printed fine and are done. Why my printer didn't like the other ones, I don't know. Maybe it has to do with changing the files from large to small and inserting the jpg's into doc's. I'll have to look into it another time. But they're done being made and printed. Yay! They need to be separated (all together in big sheets) and folded, no biggie. I can do that while I watch TV tonight.

I know, you don't hear the frustrating part yet. I'm getting there. I remade and printed (printed fine also) the table cards. They look fine. Not like I wanted them, but fine. And since no one but me knows how I wanted them, no one but me will care. I printed a little bit of trivia on the back so people have something to talk about and think about while waiting for the food to be served. I thought that would be kinda fun. I hope so, anyway. So they're all set, using leftover paper from the invitations because the kit I bought was for more people that I'm inviting so it was cheap and I like that.

So the problem is this: I went to the craft store yesterday to return the card box (I decided I just didn't need it), the foam (original idea was to have the seating cards "blooming" out of teapots but it isn't going to happen) and the origami paper (too expensive). No problem with the return except it took a long time. The only things I didn't return off that receipt were the river rocks (which might still go back) and the picture frames (to hold the table cards). So once everything's done and I'm happy with my revised plan - not thrilled mind you because I didn't want to revise the plan at all - but satisfied, making peace with what's possible, I open one of the frames and put the table card inside, but the card is much too big. I can't cut it down 1) because it's too much work and 2) because I'll lose the trivia off the back. So I have to go back to the store to return the frames now too. Plus I have to buy new frames. /sigh.

I'm getting quite frustrated when every project seems to be nearly done and then messed up right at the end. It makes the work that went into it seem pointless and that's the part that feels like a waste of time. With only 11 days to go, I don't feel that I have any time to waste.

So what can I do?

I made a list of everything left to do and I'm crossing them off one by one. The crossing off part is enjoyable. I've also taken things off my plate. For instance, I decided it wasn't worth it to mess with my printer and those old seating cards anymore and no one would mind the new ones, although they're ivory and the table cards are white. So to heck with it and it's done. I'm also going to forgive myself for not finishing the scrapbook before the wedding. As long as it's done by our anniversary, I'll have accomplished the finishing of it. Plus, there will no doubt be photos from the wedding that I'll want in there, so I should wait and not try to rush it. Creativity can't be rushed well anyway. There are pages in there now that I rushed and I don't like so to have it all the way I want I'll redo those couple of pages and just not worry about it. No one's judging me by my scrapbook. And if they are, I don't need their opinions. That's been a hard realization, but to put it so simply like that puts it in perspective for me. There's no need to break my mind in worry over petty things, so the list gets shorter as I go.

Still left to do:
Call the Reverend and ask if he got/approves of the vows. He hasn't responded.
Measure table cards.
Return too small frames.
Buy table card frames that are large enough to fit.
Return teapots.
Design CD cover stickers
Burn CD copies.
Put stickers on CDs and bag CDs.
Mom has to buy shoes.
Make tons of paper cranes.
Affix cranes to seating cards/table cards/river rocks.
Get final copies of contracts & check prices from florist and site.
Pay pay pay pay pay.
Pick something nice, but casual, to wear to the rehearsal.
Make a nail appointment for the day before the wedding.
Get as much of the Friday before the wedding off as possible.
Remind all my friends to bring their cameras to the wedding.

Somewhere in there should be a bubble bath. Maybe this weekend.


Cassandra said...

You're doing great...I know the setbacks are frustrating but you are doing great.

Keep up the good work...the pay off at the end will still be good!!


Anonymous said...

ooooooooooooh Not long to go then.
Good luck with getitng everything done. Espeicaly making those paper cranes. I rember making on once, it took an hour or so. They do look pretty though and the more you do probably the better you'll get. :-)