Wednesday, January 10, 2007

To Dos

Less than three weeks away, I'm now feeling the pressure. My to-do list is a page long. All little stuff, but stuff none the less. I got to do a good one and taste one of the cookies I ordered to make sure they're not stale. Check. I also designed the seating cards but my printer is not working properly. I'm not sure what's wrong with it, but the images have pale vertical lines through them, although I printed on highest quality with noise distortion quieting on, which I usually don't use, even for printing photos. I have a great photo printer and this is the first time I've had an issue with it. Tonight I'm too tired and grumpy to try and figure it out, so I'll leave it sit until tomorrow or the weekend. They're designed, and that was the major part of it. It took hours, literally, to find the fonts, install the fonts (I'd never done that before and now I think I'm going to be a font addict), to find the images, resize the images, fit the images into text boxes and get it all to line up just so on the specialty paper without actual measurements. Now I'm beat. My brain has shut down so much I'm not even sure reading would be relaxing. Maybe just watch a little TV and get some sleep early.

Tomorrow is the cake tasting. Finally. I have an idea of how I want the cake to look and it shouldn't be too much work, I don't think, compared to some things I've seen, so hopefully that should go smoothly tomorrow. I have to leave work early to get all the way to Delray in time for the tasting though, which is no good since I'm also leaving early on Friday for a final dress fitting. Not much I can do about it though. I don't set the hours to these places - and the tasting I had no choice in. I'd been asking about it since November and it was just scheduled today for tomorrow. Iguess its tomorrow or never. Sheesh. I'm glad I check my email frequently or I wouldn't have even known about it.

Off to bed with me. Much more to do tomorrow! I'm just going to keep chipping away at this list until it's gone. I did a big chunk today with the seating card designs, so I'm feeling good about that. Frustrated with my printer, but accomplished.