Monday, October 09, 2006


I'd like to have guests dedicate a song to us. We'd make these into CDs that would have a nice custom made cover (I love my Photo Printer) and give them as favors. We'd also play that list during the cocktail hour to make it kind of personalized. I think that'd be cute if enough people respond.

The song Unforgettable by Natalie and Nat King Cole will be our first dance song. I think it's just beautiful and says what I need it to say.

I'm trying to come up with ideas for a father/daughter and/or mother/son dance song. I was thinking Billie Joel's Tell Her About It, but it's not quite the right mood.

Oh, and our processional (walking down the aisle) song will be the theme from the Princess Bride, Storybook Love by Mark Knopff. Why the theme from Princess Bride? Several reasons.
1- It it one of the best movies ever made. Don't argue with me. It is. Top five.
2- The scene where the woman boos Buttercup always makes Dave think of my mom, which cracks us up. No, not because my mom is some kind of hag or anything, but because she believes in love and she'd speak out like that.
3- I told my friend I'd cry during the wedding and she said to think of the scene where Peter Cook does the ceremony and I'd just laugh. Everytime I think of "mawage" it makes me laugh.

I've got no image to give you here, so here's a completely random one. Orchids will be our flowers. But not this flat kind, the bigger ones and the tiny ones.

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