Monday, October 09, 2006

Coming Along Quickly

It's all coming along quickly now. It's nearly hilarious that we were dating for so long - longer than many people are married - and once we get engaged, we jump right into it. As I stated in an email to a friend, I feel like a snowball down a hill, or rather, like a toddler on a sled, for a happier image.

I called the florist and the DJ and booked them for the 28th. We wanted to look into getting some Shoji screens (Japanese changing screens) to cover the art with, which will keep an Asian flair to the room that I prefer and cover the wall art. Oh, I didn't tell you about the wall art. We're to be in the Warhol Room, which is their smallest room. Fantastic, but I don't think much of Andy Warhol's art. It certainly doesn't say "wedding" in that room. This image is of the left wall. The right wall has another two large square images of maybe Lennon or someone. The colors are bright and it's nice that they have original art, but I have something different in mind. We can't take the images down, but we can cover them. Now to find a company that can cover them tastefully.

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