Tuesday, October 10, 2006

It's Official

The Sundy House confirmed the date so we're all set for the 28th of January. Just 110 days from now. Crazy stuff! These photos are of the pool site at Sundy House. We're deciding whether to use the pool site or the gazebo site. I sent out email Save the Date information. I guess it's a little cheesy to do it by email, but the invitations will be printed and mailed, of course. But we have friends coming in from Norway that need advance notice for a flight and that kind of thing. I'm excited that they will probably be able to make it. I was actually pretty bummed out that we wouldn't be able to have them with us since we'd made the date so close and flights can be quite expensive. Their little daughter is going to be quite the world traveller.

DJ Gary is available and Honey Bunches florist is available so we're all set for the most part. I just have to get a company to put up screens in front of the art in the room and that's it. I guess I'll start booking them this week to make sure I can get that date available. Oh, and Dave's in charge of picking a photographer, but that should be easy for him since he has a keen eye for those things and knows what I like in photography and what doesn't do it for me. I think we have similar taste in that so I have no doubt it'll work out fine. Plus, I expect everyone will bring their cameras and we'll have tons of candids to choose from too.

It's interesting to plan a very small wedding. I think I'm more involved in making sure that everyone is catered to than I would be in a larger wedding. I can make sure that dietary needs are met and that the space is comfortable and has smoking areas and that kind of thing. If it were 100 people or 200 people, I wouldn't be as concerned about it and would expect people to fend for themselves. Also, I can take the time to personalize everything and really make it special, which then makes it special for us. Everyone that is to be invited is everyone we really want to be there, so it's like an exclusive party with just our closest friends and family. I think that's the perfect way to do a wedding, at least my wedding.

Today I figured out how I want the favors and I'm really happy with the way they came out. I need to get back to work on the scrapbook before I run out of creative steam.