Monday, October 09, 2006


Dave and I have been together for eight or nine years. Nothing to sneeze at. He proposed in July (the 22nd if you're keeping score) of this year. We set a date in the first few months of 2008, but it turned out neither of us were very happy having to wait a whole year out for it. So we changed our date to this coming year. That didn't leave us a lot of time, but since I already have the dress and some basic ideas, it seems like there's not a lot to do after that. I hear you laughing. We'll see.

So yeah, I bought the dress before we got engaged. I know it's crazy, but it was only a few months before we got engaged, and the engagement was something we'd been talking about for several years, so I knew it was coming. I bought the dress on sale at David's Bridal. The image here is a close up of the pattern on my dress in ivory (not white like in the link). Just wait till you see the back. The bustle is the selling point. I love the dress and it fits like a glove. I never knew something that took up so much closet space could be so comfortable. It even motivated me to clean out my closet just to have room to fit it in there. I'll have to have it altered to make it shorter, though. Apparently they made it for persons of "normal" height.

The wedding party will consist of the bride and groom (you had that part figured out, though, didn't you?), two best men (my best friend Eric and Dave's brother Rob), and two ringbearers (my son Charlie who is 14 and Dave's nephew Robbie who is 15). That's it. No dresses to buy, no extra flowers, just rented tuxes. No mess, no fuss, no drama queens.

Next comes the site.

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UJ said...

Hiya Puddin! I was so glad to hear that the question was popped, and now I get to watch the progress. I'm excited and pleased for you. All my best to the Davinovich. :)