Monday, October 09, 2006


Can you be too organized? I suppose so.

My friend Billie (who I mentioned is marrying in November) has this kind of wedding philosophy that eveything will work out perfectly with little or no intervention on her part. I told her, after her menu tasting, that I did not share that philosophy but that I enjoyed it. I told her that I was her bitchy friend at these wedding things and didn't mind being the one to say "What can you throw in for free?" or "But you said it was going to cost less last time" because at the end, the wedding coordinator will forget me as the obnoxious friend and Billie still gets to be the shining bride - but at the same time, she gets what she needs out of the deal. I said I would likely be completely anal-rententive about the entire thing to the last detail to make sure it all came off well. She replied "Noooooooo!" I think that was sarcasm, haha. But I figure if everything's all planned out to the T, there's little margin for things to go wrong. And by the time they do, nothing I can do about it anyhow.

I find the planning process fun, which is good because otherwise it would be a chore, and there's a lot to plan, so it'd be a lot of chores.

One thing I like about this site is they include the cake by Sweet Arts, which is a real cake bakery, not just the site's on-site cake maker - although I'm sure there are some fantastic and undiscovered on-site cake makers, but it's comforting to see a portfolio of cool cakes. I like the idea of flowers on the cake although I don't have a clear idea of what I want. I'm sure there will be a book to flip through at some point and one will say "eat me" to us.

We get to do a cake tasting in addition to the menu tasting. Yum!

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