Monday, October 09, 2006

Site 2 - Sundy House

I went online to The Knot and looked for local vendors that had some indication that they were gardens. That same site is where I searched for the florist that Billie chose and I'll most likely use. It's a good resource. Anyhow, I found a few and started calling around. I made an appointment to see the Sundy House, a historcal house with garden space that also does weddings and other events. We nearly drove past it at first. It looks like an out of place old house in a modern downtown area. When we got inside the lobby, it was nothing to look at and we kept giving each other the "you're sure this is the place?" look. The coordinator arrived and showed us around and it had charm and the kind of understated wow-factor that we've been talking about. I think it's perefect. Dave wanted to see one more place just so we aren't settling.

There were only two other places on my list. One was Zen House in Miami. Strike one is that it's in Miami, and South Miami to boot. Driving in Miami is hectic and I want to avoid hectic on the wedding day, for everyone including us and guests. The second strike is I filled out their online inquiry form and instead of calling me back to set an appointment or give me information, the emailed me saying "call for more information". Well, if I'd wanted to do that, I'd have just called in the first place. I thought that was snotty and I crossed them off. The other place is Bonnett House, another historical house with a huge garden to the tune of they give tours of it. Billie said it's beautiful and I'm inclined to believe her, but I'd have to see it, of course. I called for an appointment and the coordinator offered me only one date from January to April and then emailed me the price list. It was Morikami expensive, so that's out without even having seen it.

Honestly, I loved Sundy House. Not the house part, but the garden and how everything is done on site. It's the feel I've been looking for and I'm pleased. Now to see when the florist and DJ and location are available and start booking it. Hopefully they're available on the same date. We're looking at a Sunday night, around sunset, probably. We're planning to stay the night there in the guest rooms. There are only 11 rooms and each is decorated in a different theme. We didn't get to see the insides during the tour, but this is a picture of one of them from the outside.

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