Thursday, March 14, 2013

House Progress 4

Things are at the beginning of the wrap-up phase.

The back door was replaced from the homeowner-made monstrosity that was not secure to a real metal secure door, and the locks changed.

The roof was replaced and is now stepped, so there is no flat roof to pool water and give us troubles in a few years.

The small planter box is sprouting pansies in the front, but it looks like El, or some other neighbor cat, is using the back to dig (and maybe make waste?) in and none of those basil sprouts were seen again. I'll have to pot a plant in there that is large and takes up the space.

All the shutters were removed, bringing the look decades into the present.
The walls were patched where the shutters had been.
We still need to paint the exterior, but that will likely wait until after we've moved.

The driveway still needs to be redone. We have some creative ideas, but they are not budget-friendly and will wait.

We bought a machete (I know, Dave's not even supposed to have butter knives) and cut back the palm in the yard and it's many seed clusters.

We'd like to change the front long planter into a water feature, but I think that will be expensive and will definitely wait, maybe a year or more.

All windows, except the bathroom still need to be replaced with impact-resistant glass. They have cranks now, from the 70s, bleh.


The walls are painted yellow, which Dave hates.
The cabinets are in and look great.
Some electrical had to be redone and a water line had to be run.
The microwave is installed.

I'm waiting to hear from the cabinet company about a date on the counter tops. I had already paid for and picked out my granite, and they came out to do final measurements, so it's all cutting and scheduling now. After those are in, I can have the sink, garbage disposal, and dishwasher put in.


The floor is tiled.
The tub was removed and converted to a shower.
The shower enclosure is mostly tiled, but not finished.
The border I picked looks awesome, and once it's all done is going to kick ass.
The shower floor tile is not yet installed.
The window was replaced with a hurricane-impact window today.
The light fixture was raised but is not yet installed.
The medicine cabinet is not yet installed, nor the hole made for it.
The toilet, vanity, and small accessories still need to be installed, probably after painting.
Once the tile is finished in the enclosure, I can schedule the glass company to come measure for the shower doors, which have to be custom made, unfortunately. I had bought doors, but the door was centered and it can't be or it'll hit the toilet, so I had to work with the returns department for 3 weeks before I finally got that issue settled today.

Other Interior

The baseboards have all been removed and are in the process of being replaced.
Painting is beginning this weekend. The walls are being prepped now.
We had to replace 3 interior doors.

The contractor changed the price on rerunning the electrical in the dining room and doubled his price, so I told him to wait and I'll ask someone else more affordable in the mean time.

The horrible "barn wall" accent wall is drywalled over and is now just a wall.
The bead board was removed from my future reading nook outside the kitchen.
The horrible wooden divider as you come in was removed. Unfortunately, it left a missing piece of vinyl flooring - which we were told by the owner was hardwood.

The ceiling in the living room was redone from popcorn with a settlement crack in it to being reinforced and having a slight texture. Much more modern.

The water heater was replaced and we went from gas to electric and from a tank to tankless.

We still need to:
  • Change the front door locks.
  • Hang the mailbox.
  • Rerun the dining room electric.
  • Hang the 4 ceiling fans.
  • Redo the driveway.
  • Replace tiles at front step - might roll in with driveway project, make it uniform.
  • Fix some flooring in spots.
  • Find office furniture that works for us. 
  • Make El an indoor cat, somehow. Hoping he can get along with our other 2.
  • Paint the exterior.
  • Do something to the planter boxes.
  • Replace the AC, ran out of budget for this.
  • Move. /sob...packing and moving suck.
  • We have some cool ideas for what to do with the former barn-wall and are narrowing those down now.
  • I've gotten Dave excited to build Shoji Screens over the dining room windows (inside) so we won't have to replace the blinds and will still have privacy and natural light.

It's really starting to look like something out of this century finally.

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