Thursday, February 14, 2013

House Progress 1

Tin cap, step 1
Roof: The roof is done! Final inspection was today and it passed. We converted the flat part of the back roof to pitched so it won't have future problems from pooling water, an investment into the life of the roof.

Status: done!

Shingle in Progress, step 2
Bathroom: I've ordered all the supplies and hired a contractor to do the work. We're going to completely tear everything out and start fresh, even the floor. There is wood flooring in now, but it was put in after the toilet and vanity, so it also has to go. We're converting the tub to a shower (we have only used our bathtub 3 times in 7 years) and putting in a water-saving toilet with dual-flush (small or large jobs). I have ordered: the toilet, shower heads, lighting, vanity, sink, faucet, all the accessories (soap holder, TP holder, towel ring, towel hooks) and some of the accent tile for inside the shower enclosure as well as the tile for the shower floor. This Saturday, we're going to pick up the tile for the floor and the walls of the shower enclosure. The window is going to be replaced with hurricane-impact glass first.

Status: should start next week or the week after. Also needs paint and baseboards/base tile.

Water Heater: We have a contractor starting tomorrow to remove the water heater and replace it with a tankless system. We're also converting from gas to electric. The contractor is also going to look at the valve for the washer as it seems to have deteriorated and wouldn't shut off if we unhooked the old washer.

Status: should be done next week.

Hello, hunky inspector.
Kitchen: I've gotten 3 estimates on cabinets and am going for another one today. I have the demo starting next week to raise the soffit in the kitchen to allow for taller cabinets, and make the room feel larger as it's tiny. Also, they're going to add an outlet for the microwave over the range. I picked up the lighting. We took the big appliances out with bulk trash last week.

Status: still need: dishwasher, microwave, cabinets, back splash tile, paint.

Master Bedroom: The ceiling is going to be replaced from where the rotted roof ruined it with wetness and made level as it's crooked. That should be done next week. I bought the ceiling fan for in there. Dave was oddly specific as to how he wanted the light fixtures to look, but I was able to find something to suit us both. He doesn't like when the globe-light has a spot in the middle, as if for the pull chain, or decoration, but a clean surface.

Status: needs paint and baseboards.

Living Room: Am probably going to put off the aesthetics of how I want the room for now due to the budget. A shame, but there's only so much money and there are so many projects. I got a ceiling fan and a new ottoman.

Status: primarily on hold. Will paint. Needs divider removed, ceiling redone, bead board removed at 2 places, faux wall treatment drywalled over.

Pretty El.
Dining room: The way it is currently wired is wrong and likely unsafe. That will be fixed in the next 2 weeks and the ceiling fan installed that I bought. It is SO interesting, but I had to special order it so it won't be here for another 2 weeks.

Status: on hold until the fan arrives.

Office: This room really only needs paint and baseboards.

Status: nothing to do yet.

Large planter is to the right of the door.
Exterior: I bought a mailbox and paint for the front door. I need the mailbox installed before I can remove the one that's on the door, but I'm not at all handy. My skills with a hammer are laughable. I bought some little things to spruce up one of the front planters and will likely do that today or tomorrow. The awful awnings will be down by next week. Oh, and the front step will be redone in a couple of weeks.

Status: almost everything exterior is going to wait. I have grand plans to turn the large front planter into a water feature with a small fountain and some fish; ultra-modern. Replacing the windows is going to wait until we have a bit more money, also. Another to-do that must wait is the AC replacement.

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