Friday, March 01, 2013

House Progress 3

Finally, I'm starting to see forward movement! It was so upsetting to go over to the new house every day and it look worse than the last, with all the demo that had to take place. However, now new things are going in and color is blooming and plants are sprouting and it's springtime and new life all over the house.

Kitchen: After meeting with 4 different companies for cabinets, I found one we could (almost) afford and went with them. It's solid-wood construction and has a lifetime guarantee. They were installed today, though the countertop won't come for another week or two or three. I'm very pleased with the look of them, even though the color I initially wanted was lighter, more of a honey maple, and this is more of a cherry. I think it looks good with the yellow walls (even if Dave hates the yellow) and will go with our dining table, which is a medium wood tone, well.
Sink cabinets are the only ones with doors, for trash can and such,
all drawers otherwise, so much more useful to me.
Dishwasher goes in that space to the left
Other angle. Dishwasher left.
Above will be shelves, not cabinets.
Upper cabinets. Bad lighting made the color look weird.

Lower cabinets, spaces for stove/fridge.

Far angle.

Bathroom: Today was a frustrating day of visiting 4 different places to try and find a coupling or adapter for the shower head arm because the one I got was just strange. I ended up ordering a new arm with normal sized threads as a solution. I also didn't know I ordered the border tile wrong for the shower and now have to rush-order a few more pieces because I didn't get enough.

On the bright side, all the demo in the bathroom is done and the first bits of tile have gone in already.
Original look of the bathroom

Tub removed to form a shower.
Masking tape stripes for me to visualize where I wanted the accent border

Old vanity & mirror & light

Shower floor tile, so smooth

Wall repair from removal of old vanity and such

Shower in the making

Custom nooks cut into the wall.
A change from my original design due to the placement of a stud.

First row of tile

Door: The backdoor, which was some kind of slipshod making that I could have kicked in, is now replaced with a metal up-to-code door and proper frame. The wall isn't yet finished around it, but it's getting there.

Other: The walls are all repaired in the master bedroom and dining room. The ceiling is replaced in the master bedroom and closet where water damage from the roof had ruined them. Those things are ready for paint. Dave cut the baseboards for the office, but didn't have everything he needed for installation yet. This was a BIG project and I'm so glad to not be living in the house while all this is going on! The dust alone would be making me cranky, let alone the noise, the people in the house all day, and the chaos of it all. It's sanctuary to be able to leave there and come home to where all my stuff is.

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