Thursday, January 24, 2013

House Project - Before Pictures

Before pictures of the new house, for interested parties.

Entryway. Odd wooden divider to be removed. Desk and trash to be removed at bulk pick up time.

Odd "barn wall" to be removed. Area to far right, with bead board, to be my reading nook, eventually. Used to be their dining area.

Living room with large windows. All windows to be modernized with impact-resistant (hurricane windows) in the next year. Hardwood floors throughout.

Front door, from reading nook. Wall near door is painted with an interesting yellow wall treatment. Previous owner was a painter by trade, so he did that. It looks nice, but won't match the new paint, so it's going.

Kitchen from reading nook. Original 1971 cabinets, tiny galley kitchen.Horrible green tile, everything you can see to be removed/replaced. 

Another view of kitchen. Door at left goes to 1-car garage.

Another view of kitchen.

Enclosed patio/Florida room to be our dining room. Wall at right where picture is, is actually a window from previous exterior wall. Window to be walled in for smooth wall, as appropriate for interior of house. All windows to be hurricane proof impact-glass in a year. Cabinets shown at lower right to be demolished and replaced with wardrobes serving as pantry and small-appliance storage (crockpot and such).

  Future reading nook, directly across from kitchen.

More views of future dining room, current Florida room / enclosed patio. We're going to have to replace all the blinds.

Another view of that window and lower cabinets.

From living room, hallway. Bathroom straight ahead at open door.

 At hallway, right. Closet for AC. Future office / front bedroom.

From hallway, office. Dave wants to extend the window lower so it can be viewed while seated at the desk.
Office closet.


Hallway from office side. Master bedroom /back bedroom ahead, living room left, bathroom right.

Bathroom. Everything you see will be gone. Bathtub to be removed and changed to shower. Toilet to be replaced with dual-flush efficient model. Sink and vanity to be replaced. Tile to be replaced. Floor to be removed (wood) and tile put down instead.

Master bedroom / back bedroom. There is a hole in the ceiling from water damage from the flat roof. Roof to be replaced and flat roof will no longer be flat. Also, ceiling to be repaired, of course.

Master bedroom, comes with those cool organizers. Hole in ceiling from water damage to be repaired.

Master bedroom wall is painted wallpaper. Yep, really. This was an exterior wall, which is now the other side of the future pantry, so there is a window along this wall that is wallpapered over. Issue to be corrected and wall to be finished, smoothed, painted.

Master bedroom.

Hall closet, next to bathroom. Door currently has a hole cut in with a sign reading "Cat Toilet" which will be replaced with a solid door.

Front door. Mailbox to be replaced. Isn't it strange? Bushes to be removed. We're talking about lining the box planter that runs the length of the front of the house and putting a few fish and lighted fountains in, making it ultra-modern. All horrible 1970s awnings to be removed everywhere around the house. 

Front step needs tile replaced with something that is both sturdy and not slippery. Am looking for a custom welcome mat that says "Hello, Sweetie."

  This is the long planter. Wouldn't 2 fountains in there and a bunch of fish be awesome?

Back patio. Futon as well as their table and chairs and grill need to go out at bulk pick up time. Patio is made of pavers, but it wasn't installed appropriately so the edges slope. This project will likely get done in a year or more. This is the dining room / Florida room behind it. There is a door to the right that was not properly installed. A column is going to be added so the impact windows can be properly installed later, and the door may have to be smaller than standard size. As it is, it is not secure and could be simply kicked in. The house is vacant, of course, while work happens, but that's scary.

There's much to do. Much much much, but we got a great deal and we knew most of it going in. The sticker shock is still something I'm dealing with, but I have faith that it'll be awesome and personalized once we're done, though it may be a work in progress for the first 1-2 years.

If you'd like to see my project board, it has paint swatches, fixtures and appliances, some things for my wishlist, and you can get an idea of how my modern contemporary taste will transform this plain ranch style house into something farther from ordinary. Now for that magic genie to pay for it all...

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