Wednesday, January 09, 2008

My Place

So here's a little tour of my house. Its messy, but this is a typical day at my place.

Front walk, from the driveway. We park one behind the other which is a pain as we have to do a car shuffle at times. That plant in front is a red hibiscus tree. I hate it. It drops dead flowers that look like old tampons on the walkway. The flowers in those containers I planted a year ago and they're somehow still alive. If a plant can't make it outside, it doesn't get much of a chance with me. The walkway desperately needs pressure cleaning.
Front door. I made that wreath. I have several that I change out throughout the year. I want to make one with pansies, my favorite flower, for the summer. My husband hung the light fixture. The old one barely worked as the sensor was bad and you'd be trying to find the key in the lock in the dark and once you opened the door, it turned on. Now the light is on when we turn it on and off otherwise. Being a long narrow townhouse, we don't have but a few windows. That's one of 3.
Front entry hallway. Someday we'll get around to painting. On the left, that's a laundry rack we use after the dryer finishes. That's my clothes that I should have put away days ago. The laundry room is on the left next to it.
Off the hallway to the left, the computer room. My desk on the right. My husband's messy desk on the left. He hasn't even hooked up his computer since we moved back in. See the new wall that separates room from garage? It needs painting. That's one overloaded bookshelf, but we have several boxes of books in the garage, and I gave several boxes away plus sent a box to my parents' house. I love books. See my little fish tank on the desk? It holds 1 betta and some live plants.
Along the wall beside the door is the pet bed. This is Pullo. He's 1.
Off the hallway to the left is first my son's room, but he's home and I decided not to bother with all that mess. Just after, same side, is the guest bathroom. Not too special.
Off to the right is the kitchen. Its an unusual room, architecturally. Note the lack of counter space and cabinets.
Stuff on the floor because there's no cabinets or counter space. That's Xena, eating, as usual.
And that's Toffee.
We have this odd ledge, so we use it to hold wine glasses, roasting pans, things that are rarely used.
The pass through to the dining room.
And my shot glass collection. I get one from every cool new place I go. Once in awhile people will give me one also. If its from somewhere they've been, I keep them. Otherwise, I rotate them out periodically and give them away as the cabinet becomes full. Usually its full, but husband took two for painting his models. I don't know why he used shot glasses, but it doesn't matter.Dining table, mail, lamp for model building. I love my dining set. The seats are microfiber and the wood is cherry walnut.
Living room complete with half hidden cat gym. Pullo still uses it. Couches are again microfiber. I tried to coordinate the color scheme. Messy blanket on the back of the couch is very soft and used nightly for curling up to watch movies.
Back view into the passthrough.
Back patio. Its tiny and we rarely use it. Now that only 1 of our friends smokes, we'll use it even less.
Living entertainment area. Lots of video games and such.
DVDs by the metric ton. And, ahem, my tree that needs to get put away. I crushed it up to be boxed, but haven't put it away yet. The picture on the wall is from our wedding.
Master bedroom. I love our furniture. The comforter is microfiber (yes, its my favorite fabric) with down. We get to use it 2 days a year. Otherwise its just a light cotton blanket.
TV for bedtime watching and the cat tree husband built.
My side of the bed is just as messy, but with different kinds of mess.
Closets for each of us. Mine's the bigger one.Bathroom. No good shot of the giant shower. It fits 5 comfortably.
Toilet alcove so one person can pee and the other can brush their teeth.
Super messy closet that holds all the extra bathroom products and all the medicines.
That's about it.

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