Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Last night Dave and I went to Sundy House for a tasting to choose what the menu items will be. OMG yummy!!! We tried two salads, both of which were delicious, and settled on one we thought was more of a crowd pleaser and had a crisper flavor. And we tried the two entrees that sounded best to us, both were terrific. I was nervous going in that we only got to try two things, and what if one or both was not good, we'd be stuck choosing something else without having tried it. But it all worked out great. We're serving: beef tenderloin with a cabernet sauvignon reduction, garlic mashed potatoes, wild mushrooms, and asparagus; and pan seared grouper, risotto with english pea and lime buerre blanc sauce, and carrots. I even liked the carrots, and I don't like carrots usually. We tried the beef with some kind of tomato risotto but it was not at all good and mashed potatoes sounded much better. We have no doubt they'll be delicious mashed potatoes since everything else was so tasty. Plus there'll be an open bar, cake, coffee, tea, the salads. We're hoping people will try the grouper. It's what I'll be having, although the beef was really good too. Dave said we'll have different things and share a few bites. It'll be a miracle if my dress isn't covered in food by the end of the meal.

The restraunt is the kind of place where, as Dave described it, they cater to "old money" and I've never been in that kind of place before. The waiters hovered a lot. They were always near to offer wine suggestions and refill your water and scrape the crumbs off the table. It was odd. I wouldn't eat there I don't think. And it's pretty expensive. Well, expensive for my budget anyhow. But the view is beautiful at the outdoor tables. And I'd guess they hover less outdoors than inside the restaurant proper.

Oh, we had a minor dilemma at the end of the meal. I was ready to leave and Dave asked if we should tip. We had great service, but I didn't think you tipped at a tasting. We sat around for a few minutes trying to figure it out. They'd brought us wine and coffee and dessert, things we weren't there for, so we wanted to tip, but neither of us had cash and they never brought a check. So we left after a little while. But we felt bad.